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  • Loren Buxton

For the love of bonsai...

Welcome to Buckstone Bonsai! I'm very excited to introduce this website, which includes galleries of bonsai, pre-bonsai and collected material. The Bonsai page currently features both solo and collaborative work, in addition to a number of trees recently obtain from a private collection. Many of these trees have a very storied and unique history, which I plan to document in this blog.

I’m not necessarily fond of the term pre-bonsai, but nonetheless, it seemed necessary to differentiate between trees that are in bonsai pots and those in training containers. Some of the material on the Pre-Bonsai page has been in training for many years. The Native Yamadori page includes both raw and styled material from the Rocky Mountains.

Please check it out, join the mailing list and let me know of any questions.

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