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  • Loren Buxton

Korean Hornbeam 7

The last time I wrote about this tree was late winter, 2012, shortly after receiving it and performing the initial styling. Reading the post from 2012 and viewing the photos gave evidence to how far my practice has progressed in the last five years. The initial styling wasn’t awful, but definitely flawed, from branch selection to my wiring technique. I later sold this tree to a friend, but I was able to thankfully purchase it back from him in 2014 or 2015.

The goal this year was to transition this tree from its training pot to this Horst Heinzlreiter container. Through the tree’s various repotting’s, I continued to reduce the wood beneath the soil surface, so I felt fairly confident I could pull off the repot, despite the shallow container. I think the cragginess of the hornbeam’s lower trunk is a good match to Horst’s texture on this container. It’s great to see the pot off my shelf and put to use!

The tree responded very well to the repot and was given its first trim last weekend after the growth hardened off.

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