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  • Loren Buxton

Rocky Mountain Juniper 3

This tree was collected in Wyoming on a beautiful spring morning in 2015 at approx. 8,000 feet elevation. Its root pad was confined to the pocket or crevice in the rock, so the collecting process was relatively simple. Here are a few photos of the tree after I extracted it and moved it to its side in preparation of bagging it. The foliage was yellow and anemic from the lack of water and nutrients.

The tree was potted in pure pumice and a balance of water and oxygen was introduced to the root system. It was also well fertilized with a slow release organic. One year later, the tree's color had completely shifted and it was showing signs of vigor.

The structure was set and some of the secondary branching was wired in a workshop with Peter Tea in 2017. The tree was then repotted by Todd Schlafer in the spring of 2018 into this Dave Lowman informal. The container is a bit large, but all of the tree's root ball existed on one side of the tree.

The tree after its second styling and first by Todd Schlafer in 2018...

The tree this February in its winter sheen. Todd connected with it for a second time this past fall after a full year of unchecked grown.

I'd like to eventually repot the tree into this Eli Akins (Waldo Street Pottery) oval...

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